NimbleHost stacks require the Stacks plugin from YourHead Software, version 2.0 or above.
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Sentry $16.97 (Stacks 2.6+)Add to Cart

AddThisEvent FREE (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart

Parallax $11.97 (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart

Armadillo $29.97 (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart

myMenu $9.97 (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart

Charts $19.97 (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart

RapidSearch $4.97 (Stacks 2.5+)Add to Cart

Hijax $9.97 (Stacks 2+)Add to Cart


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Waterfall $10.00Add to Cart

RapidSearch Pro $19.97Add to Cart

RapidSearch $9.97Add to Cart

Mobilize $14.97Add to Cart

Codafy $0.00 FREEAdd to Cart

   Desktop Themes

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Atlas $29.97Add to Cart

Gravity $29.97Add to Cart

Mirage $29.97Add to Cart

Phelix $29.97Add to Cart

Flexture $24.97Add to Cart

Twin Bundle (with Dexture) $32.97Add to Cart

Dexture $24.97Add to Cart

Qube $24.97Add to Cart

Glide $24.97Add to Cart

Unity $24.97Add to Cart

Mobile Themes

Add to CartGet the Mobilize Bundle for only $26.97.That includes both mobile themes below, plus the Mobilize plugin, for over 40% off!

SmartDock Mobile $16.97Add to Cart

MobileFusion $14.97Add to Cart