Beautiful web design, less effort.

That's one of our guiding principles, and Dexture gives you the ability to do just that. Add content. Click publish. Then just enjoy your amazing website, complete with impressive Web 2.0 visual effects and full iPhone/iPad support.
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Meet the Visitor Interaction Panel (VIP)

A real innovation for RapidWeaver themes, Dexture features the VIP, an interactive panel that gives you the ability to offer visitors a truly customizable browsing experience.

It's just not enough to have a great looking site anymore - websites that stick out, that people want to keep visiting, have to be interactive - to allow visitors to customize their browsing experience.

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Jaw dropping animation dynamically adjusts the width of the site. First impression? Wow. This thing is cool.
Adjustable text. It's one of those common sense things that really needs to be part of every website.
Why just pick one color when you can have three? And let's add some ultra-smooth animation when switching between them.

Drop Down Menus? Or Split-Navigation?

Why not both? Dexture is our first RapidWeaver theme to give you the choice, and even includes a menu option designed specifically for icon-based menus. Not sure how to do this in RapidWeaver? Download the free step-by-step PDF tutorial we created to help you do this.
  • Complete iPad and iPhone support
  • Ultimate color control
  • Extensive style options
  • ExtraContent
  • Built-in lightbox (FancyZoom)
  • Built-in slideshow support (jQuery Cycle plugin)
  • And much more
Put simply? Beautiful web design, less effort.

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Phenomenal support for all major browsers*:
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*See the Cross Browser Compatibility section of the Dexture User Guide for more details.
Dexture Updates
Latest - v1.4.2, Released January 7, 2015.

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