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New, Shiny and Completely Responsive

That sums up our brand new website,

This site update has been a long time coming, and in a separate post I'll talk about why it took so long. Fortunately, it's here now, and just in time!

As you may have heard, Google is implementing some ranking algorithm changes on April 21, 2015 which will take into account how "mobile friendly" your website is when displaying search results.

In other words, your site ranking may drop if your website is not mobile-friendly come April 21st. That being said, there's no need to panic just yet. :-)

You can check how "mobile friendly" Google sees your page by using this tool:

Note that this tool is different from Google's PageSpeed test, which runs a bunch of other tests as well:

The PageSpeed test is very strict, so don't be surprised if it shows you lots of errors. Even Google itself doesn't get a perfect score here!

In a later post I'll explain more about how to tackle the recommendations Google makes with its PageSpeed test, but for now I'd recommend just focusing on making sure you get that nice green "Awesome! This page is mobile-friendly." notification from the "mobile-friendly" test.

Happy Weaving!