Because Simple is Beautiful

The best designs are the most simple, and most beautiful. It doesn’t take a lot of work to make a great website - especially when you’re using the Qube RapidWeaver theme from NimbleHost.

Enjoy a clean and professional design that gives you immense power and flexibility. Use Qube right out of the box for a beautiful site that’s versatile, functional, and easy to use and navigate.

And when you’re ready to take web design to the next level, browse Qube’s tremendous selection of theme options to customize it for virtually every situation.


Qube also offers flawless support for iPad and iPhone (see sidebar for more info). Even so, there are times when 3rd party plugins will override the settings we’ve created specifically for mobile devices.

If you need a more robust mobile strategy, be sure to take a look at our RapidWeaver plugin Mobilize.
Mobilize Introduction

Still have some questions?
Check the Mobilize section of our FAQ page for some answers.
Mobile Ready