Get the services you need.

Even if they're not from us.

These are our favorite non-NimbleHost hosting services that we have personal experience using,
and are glad to recommend without hesitation.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The truth is most people visiting our website won’t purchase hosting or domain services from us. But we can still help you find the right company to choose based on our experience.

The companies listed on this page are all ones we have personally used and tested. They provide rock-solid services for a good price, and with exceptional customer service.

While we have affiliate accounts for many companies like Bluehost and Dreamhost, you won’t find them listed here unless we have personally used them, loved them, and think you might love them as well.
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Speed, Service and Security.

Speed: The hardware Chillidog uses is top-notch and very fast. This means your websites will load quickly, and the faster you site loads the longer visitors will stay.

Service: Greg at Chillidog uses the same software you and I do - ask him questions about RapidWeaver and he’ll not only know what you’re referring to, but be able to help find an answer!

Security: Chillidog is fanatical about providing a secure service. This means more reliability for your website and greater peace of mind, especially since they provide 90 days of backups.


Power, Speed and Versatility.

Power: WebFaction only offers a single hosting plan, which is optimized for the best performance possible - it’s like a managed VPS plan for a shared hosting price.

Speed: Servers at WebFaction are under-crowded; that means there are less people on each server than compared to most other hosting companies, which means your site has access to more resources.

Versatility: The WebFaction control panel takes a different approach to creating websites compared to something like cPanel. This means you have more control and flexibility in how your sites can be structured.


Hard to find - if we absolutely had to nitpick at details, we’d say no phone support, and the amount of space provided with a hosting plan is somewhat small compared to other hosting companies.

But the truth is, most people don’t even get close to using gigabytes worth of space for their websites.


Email only support - though this is considered a plus by many people, as you’ll be answered very quickly by a highly skilled technician.

There’s also a slight learning curve if you’re used to cPanel or similar hosting control panels - but this could be said of any company, especially if you’re just starting this web design journey.

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