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Amazing Animated Charts

Displaying data to your website visitors in a way that's easily understood and visually appealing is a tough task. The Charts stack from NimbleHost makes this an easy process for RapidWeaver users.

Just add the Charts stack to your page, select the type of chart you want to display, then specify the CSV file with your data. Charts does the rest, displaying a fully customizable colored graph which, depending on the type of chart you want displayed, can even be animated!

A Chart for Every Occasion

The Charts stack supports line and bar graphs (which can be animated) as well as donut and pie charts, and even a meter gauge. Each type of charts comes with its own customizable options, giving you extensive control over how you want your chart displayed.

Browser Support

The Charts stack is compatible with all modern browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 or later.


  • RapidWeaver 6, or RapidWeaver 5
  • Stacks v2.0+
  • A web hosting account with PHP5+