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Advanced & Versatile Layout

Hijax is a suite of three stacks that enable you to easily create jaw-dropping designs with professional effects.

Need to link to other content on your site, but want to keep visitors on a certain page? No problem. Or perhaps you prefer certain content on the page to stay hidden until visitors click on specific links? Hijax has you covered.

To see Hijax in action click on the icon links below. Please note that Hijax is an advanced tool that utilizes CSS3 transitions. As such, only IE9+ and the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera are supported. An incompatibility notice can be enabled in Hijax options and displayed for IE8 and below.
Most links on the web are to remote content - that is, the content being linked to does not reside on the same page as the link itself. Remote content can be images, videos, full webpages, etc.
Inline, or "on page", content is any type of content located on the same page where the link itself is located. This section of text you are reading now is inline content, which was hidden until you clicked on the "Inline Content" icon above.
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Stacks Image 9801
Stacks Image 9804
Stacks Image 9807
Stacks Image 9810

Browser Support

The Hijax stack is compatible with all modern browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE9 or later.


  • RapidWeaver 6, or RapidWeaver 5
  • Stacks v2.0+
  • A web hosting account with PHP5+