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Mobile Is No Longer Optional

There's no doubt about it - you need a mobile website. NimbleHost was the first RapidWeaver developer to meet this need, releasing MobileFusion in July 2008, and SmartDock Mobile two months later. The first ever iPhone-enabled desktop theme, Unity, left our coding labs in February 2009. Since then we've released even more mobile-friendly RapidWeaver themes, and it's now standard practice that any desktop RapidWeaver theme also have some sort of basic mobile support built in.

But, unfortunately, having a mobile-enabled theme sometimes isn't quite good enough - there are just too many limitations to what it can do. In many cases, the best solution is to create a separate mobile website.

But then we run into another problem...

How do we make sure that visitors using mobile phones see the special site we've created just for them?
  • The FIRST RapidWeaver plugin that will automatically redirect your mobile visitors wherever you want them to go. Just enter the URL where the mobile version of your website is, and Mobilize will detect when someone is using a mobile phone and automatically send them there.

    Want more fine-tuned control? No problem. Specifically targeting the iPhone, for example, is as simple as checking a box and entering a URL. The same goes for Android devices, Blackberry phones, Palm devices (including WebOS), Windows Mobile, or generic cell phones. You decide.

    You can even use Mobilize on the mobile version of your website, to make sure that people using desktop browsers see your main site.

    Oh, did we mention Mobilize supports the iPad as well?

    Making your website a mobile friendly destination has never been this easy. Download the free demo now, and see how easy it is to add mobile device detection to your site.

    Download PDF Manual

  • About the Demo Version:

    The demo version allows you to see Mobilize in action. You will be able to make changes and save settings, but when publishing or exporting your site, the functionality that detects cell phones and other mobile devices will not be added to your website. Once you purchase and register your copy of Mobilize, this restriction will be removed.

Please note

Mobilize does not automatically create a "mobile" version of your website.


  • RapidWeaver 6, or RapidWeaver 5.3+
  • A hosting account with PHP 5.2 or greater