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Important bug fixes in Armadillo v2.7.1

I've just released v2.7.1 which includes a couple of seemingly minor but important bug fixes:

  • Armadillo now removes the STRICT _TRANS_TABLE setting from the MySQL configuration, and does so in such a way that other configuration settings remain intact. You should now (knock on wood) never run into a error message similar to "no value specified for column default_content". Woohoo!
  • That pesky bug that would prevent content from appearing and displayed an error message when the main Armadillo stack was used on the same page as other Armadillo stacks is now fixed.

There are also some other minor improvements:

  • Tweaks to the German localization
  • Armadillo is now grouped by the CMS, Online Editing and Blog tags in Stacks 3, so it won't appear as "ungrouped" anymore. I know, a long time coming, but it's here now!

Hope you enjoy the update!