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Armadillo v2.1.0 - Auto-Creation of Solo Content!

I've realized over the past week or two, that there was more we could be doing to make Armadillo easier to use, and more intuitive. To remove some unneeded steps when you're trying to create and edit content.

To that end, we've just released v2.1.0 and the Armadillo Solo Content stack now has a new checkbox setting called "Auto Create?". When selected, Armadillo will automatically create a new piece of Solo Content with the specified Content ID, if it doesn't exist in the database.

This automatic creation occurs when you visit that page in a web browser, and will happen even if you're not logged in to the dashboard!

We also managed to squash a few more bugs related to the lightbox, and when using Solo Content stacks together on the same page as the main Armadillo stack.


Armadllo v2.0.2

Numbers-wise, this doesn't look to be that big of an update, but quite a few smaller issues have been addressed.

If you're using a European hosting provider with rather strict file permissions, and were having some difficulty getting Armadillo setup initially, you'll (hopefully) be very happy with the changes we've made. Armadillo now uses an entirely different approach to creating the media folder where all your uploaded images and other files are stored, which should be compatible with more hosting configurations and make things a lot smother.

On the Responsive front, mobile users with smaller devices like the iPhone 5S should enjoy the interface changes which reduce clutter and prevent overflowing text.

Several localization adjustments have been made for the Dutch, German, Polish and Swedish versions. Swedish users should also see their blog date in their native language.

Of course, this is a free update for all Armadillo 2 users, and it should appear for you when you next start Stacks. Enjoy!

Armadillo v2.0.1

It seems that no matter how much testing goes into a product, there always seems to be a few bugs that manage to slip their way through our extensive testing.

Hence, the inevitable X.0.1 release.

Fortunately these are relatively minor issues - unless you're a French user, in which case the bug in the French localization file was causing no content to be displayed at all!

You'll find this update the next time you start RapidWeaver and open a Stacks page.

New Blog!

You've probably noticed the blog looks a bit differently than it did before.

That's because we've moved it over to Armadillo, our custom built CMS for RapidWeaver.

I had intended to wait until we built an import tool to move all the WordPress posts automatically into Armadillo, but I'm not sure how long that will take and it's high time we dogfood Armadillo and show everyone how awesome it is. :-)

The old blog is still around, located here. I'll be moving over the posts manually (at least until we have that import tool ready), and will backdate them (yes! you can do that in Armadillo) to match when they were originally created.

Thanks for sticking with us for all these years. Hard to believe that it was back in Summer of 2008 when I first started working on a RapidWeaver addon - MobileFusion (currently unavailable), the first ever mobile-dedicated theme for RapidWeaver.

How time flies!

Armadillo v1.7.0

This is a pretty massive FREE update for all Armadillo users. Let's jump right in what's new and improved:

  • NEW - Blog Archives! You can now display archive links for your blog posts. This option is enabled by default, and you can turn it off via the Settings tab in Armadillo's online dashboard.
  • NEW - Social Sharing! Add a code snippet for the social sharing service of your choice in Armadillo Settings. If enabled, this code will be added to the bottom of all the pages and posts on your site, automatically.
  • NEW - Facebook Open Graph Support! When adding Facebook's OG tags to your content (via Armadillo's Meta Content editor), they will now be interpreted correctly when posting links to Facebook.
  • NEW - Blog Navigation Links stack! Now all the blog related links (to categories, tags, RSS feeds, etc.) have been separated into its own stack, so you can place it where you like on the page. Previously, these links were displayed below the Armadillo sidebar content (in keeping with RapidWeaver tradition).
  • IMPROVED - Protocal agnostic links - this means if you connect to your site via a secure connection, all Armadillo links will be secure as well.
  • IMPROVED - Easier setup process - now you can enter the database details directly in the stack. Armadillo will detect these settings, double-check to make sure they are correct, and then display a simple form where you specific the password and email for the initial admin user.
  • IMPROVED - Reduced the number of database requests to help make Armadillo even speedier than before.
  • FIXED - Post titles in the RSS feed should no longer display garbled characters for certain languages.
  • Various minor tweaks and improvements.

All this awesomeness is completely free for all Armadillo owners. Just check for updates in your Stacks Library, and keep in mind you may need to restart RapidWeaver before the update appears.

If you have questions or run into any problems, please let me know. :-)

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