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    Armadillo v2.6.2

    I've just released v2.6.2 of Armadillo, which fixes a bug related to meta content, but also adds in Czech language support!

    That's now 12 languages with which you can use Armadillo - and I must thank our amazing community, as they are responsible for providing all these great localizations for Armadillo. You all are the best!

    Armadillo v2.5 and Multiple Blog Support

    It's here!

    And took much longer than I was expecting, mainly because I underestimated how difficult it is to manage multiple independent blogs in a single database.

    That being said, v2.5 is a massive update to Armadillo and really extends its capabilities.

    Here's a video about what's new!


    Armadillo v2.1.0 - Auto-Creation of Solo Content!

    I've realized over the past week or two, that there was more we could be doing to make Armadillo easier to use, and more intuitive. To remove some unneeded steps when you're trying to create and edit content.

    To that end, we've just released v2.1.0 and the Armadillo Solo Content stack now has a new checkbox setting called "Auto Create?". When selected, Armadillo will automatically create a new piece of Solo Content with the specified Content ID, if it doesn't exist in the database.

    This automatic creation occurs when you visit that page in a web browser, and will happen even if you're not logged in to the dashboard!

    We also managed to squash a few more bugs related to the lightbox, and when using Solo Content stacks together on the same page as the main Armadillo stack.


    Armadllo v2.0.2

    Numbers-wise, this doesn't look to be that big of an update, but quite a few smaller issues have been addressed.

    If you're using a European hosting provider with rather strict file permissions, and were having some difficulty getting Armadillo setup initially, you'll (hopefully) be very happy with the changes we've made. Armadillo now uses an entirely different approach to creating the media folder where all your uploaded images and other files are stored, which should be compatible with more hosting configurations and make things a lot smother.

    On the Responsive front, mobile users with smaller devices like the iPhone 5S should enjoy the interface changes which reduce clutter and prevent overflowing text.

    Several localization adjustments have been made for the Dutch, German, Polish and Swedish versions. Swedish users should also see their blog date in their native language.

    Of course, this is a free update for all Armadillo 2 users, and it should appear for you when you next start Stacks. Enjoy!

    Armadillo v2.0.1

    It seems that no matter how much testing goes into a product, there always seems to be a few bugs that manage to slip their way through our extensive testing.

    Hence, the inevitable X.0.1 release.

    Fortunately these are relatively minor issues - unless you're a French user, in which case the bug in the French localization file was causing no content to be displayed at all!

    You'll find this update the next time you start RapidWeaver and open a Stacks page.

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